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Vino de Coco is a wine endorsed by various government departments as the “Official Wine” of Eastern Visayas!  The Vacal brand brings you the highest quality of Vino de Coco you can find anywhere.  Made from the sweet sap of the coconut blossom, Vacal Vino de Coco has three distinct varietals to enjoy.  Tagay!




Dry Red Coconut Wine

Hearts get warmer.  Vacal Vino de Coco’s original varietal, Dry Red, offers a smooth entry with a delightful finish.  Preferred amongst most wine enthusiasts, the Dry Red is often described as a pleasant heart warmer.



Sweet Red Coconut Wine

Smiles get wider.  Vacal Vino de Coco’s succeeding varietal, Sweet Red, provides a semi-sweet version of the original Dry Red.  The Sweet Red delivers the right amount of sweetness that will make your smile nice and wide.



Sweet White Coconut Wine

Stories get shared!  The newest varietal, Vacal Vino de Coco’s Sweet White, brings a crisp and refreshing addition to our line up.  Sure to please, this white wine is sweet and flowery evoking a positive feeling that makes you want to share fun stories.